Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fabric and pattern

I went shopping all by myself and went to one of my favorite stores The Cutting Edge. I hardly ever get to go it alone these days and I really don't like taking my 5 year old with me. This is the kind of store you go and enjoy the fabrics, patterns, yarns............ There are so many fabrics I would love to come home with , so many patterns to try someday. I found a the vintage fabric fat quaters there and the pattern I just love the vintage fabric, and there was much more I wanted to come home with. Guess I will have to go back when I find some extra cash. The red heart fabric I picked up at Wally World. I loved it and not sure what I will make with it yet but I will let you know. The pattern is a cute apron for girls...I been wanting to make some aprons. I will start with one for Erika and go from there. Maybe make a few extra and list them on Ebay too!! Other then that it is a quiet weekend here. Cold outside, warm in the house.

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