Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Last of the witches

These girls will be the last of my witches for this fall ( I think....LOL) 

This one I named Goldie.  I finished her, snapped some pictures of her and thought I would list her on Etsy last evening.

 But Erika came home from school and said "Mom I really love that think I could have her?"  So what's a Mom going to do....:)      I know Goldie is going to a good home!

These girls are still waiting for the hats and cats.   They will be finished today and listed tonight on Elsy.
Starting Christmas dolls, angels, snowmen,and the list goes on........ Hope you are all having a wonderful week, the weather around here is beautiful and the tree's are really getting color and look so beautiful. If I get a chance I will snap a few pictures to share.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Dolls, dolls and dolls

I have been enjoying these teacup dolls that I make. So much so that I keep making them!!


Still a couple more to finish.  Then some bigger dolls that I started  and  waiting to get finished.
Life is still busy, even with the kids back in school, days are quieter around home but I still am running to other jobs and running for kids.   Next week after wed. things will go back to whatever normal was before I took on a part time fill in job.  I will work Mon, Tue, and Wed. and then go from there.  It is a job working on a computer, which I love to learn and work on the computer but it has made my sewing move along slower then I like. It also has not given much time to spend on my house and I really need to clean, de-clutter.  I hope soon.