Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cold weekend.....creating new dolls

It is a cold weekend here in Wisconsin.  A good one to stay indoors and create.  I have a pile of dolls that I am working on, these are some of the ones I finished up.This one is going to get shipped out tomorrow.

  It was a special order for a wonderful new friend.  She has a Etsy shop called the


Click on her name and go check  out her shop.  Her items are beautiful.   She has also started up a new blog and I am sure she would love some new followers... here is her link

I am making spring dolls and I wanted to try a bunny for a raggedy ann doll. This is what I came up with.
She is all ready for Spring.

Then I did up these mini raggedy dolls too.  They are only 5 inches. They could be tucked in just about anywhere.

 You could tuck them into another dolly's arms to hold.

Put them on a wreath, anywhere you have a small place.
I love how mini and cute they are.   Guess I have to do some up in spring dresses!!
As I sit and create these dolls my 11 year old daughter Erika, joins in with her own creating. These days she is into duck tape.   She is making wallets...
This one for me...

 These are hers, a wallet and she is trying ipod cases out too. 
 She is not sure if she likes her first attempt at the ipod cases, she is going to try it a different way she tells me.  She also did a wallet with the splash paint for a friend at school but it got away without a picture

So that has been the weekend around here.
Fun and relaxing.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New free background......

Oh have I missed doing new backgrounds.  I just have not been able to sit at the computer long enough these days but this Sunday I found some time...and it feels wonderful.I have been wanting to change mine for awhile and this is what I came up with today.

 Just a cute flower background.  :)
Here is the code if you would like to use it on your blog

Here is also a banner/topper if you would like to use that also
I have a few more that I am working on , now just to find the time....LOL
Have a wonderful week ahead

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dolls and new treasures from a dear friend

I finished up some of those naked dolls that I showed in this post.

Five of them are on there way to their new home and I listed the remaining two on ETSY
I am working on the other dolls and almost have them finished, hope to post pictures soon.
I finally have all my Christmas decorations down. I was able to do that yesterday between all my running. Monday and Tues are the days I have a little extra time.  I even took down my snowmen this year. I usually leave them up till Feb but my heart is not into it this year.  Maybe next year.
I wanted to show you all what a dear family friend gave me the other day.   I love the Amish couple...
 And this little lantern is my favorite.  It only stands 3 inches tall.   It  use to hold hand lotion many years ago.
Well I am off to work on those dolls before I have to leave for awhile.  Take Care

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Some new fabric....

This past Monday, my hubby had the day off of work, which is a very rare thing .. actually he had the last two Mondays off because of the holiday, which was so nice having him off those days.  Anyways he knew that I have been wanting to go over to Joann Fabrics which is over in Wausau (40 miles give or take) so he said lets go for a ride.  :)
So I was able to pick out some new fabric.....
Erika picked out the  Snoopy , Charlie Brown fabric.  She just had to have it....LOL
I picked out a couple of homespun fabric also, but I forgot to add them to the photo.
So now I have been busy sewing these....
And even a few more.  So soon maybe you will see some of that new fabric on some of these naked dolls.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

To the New Year

Almost a full day in of the New Year . I seen the new year come in with my favorite people to hang out hubby  and all my kids.  We went down to my oldest and spent the night there.
Here are Erika and Rachel hanging out together.
We had Christmas also with my son's family,
Rachel loved opening her gifts....

We sure did miss them on Christmas , so it was wonderful being together this weekend.
Now its just some random pictures from my Christmas, not many
Cousins hanging out.......

My Mom and Mother in law...

Andrew having more Christmas on New years Eve at his brothers...

And these photos are my Santa's that my mother had painted each Christmas for years. She would paint one each for her 3 daughters, 3 daughter in laws, and sometimes for the grandchildren as they got older. 

 They are very special to me and someday I will share them with my own kids.
These cute angel girls were my husbands grandma's.  I always loved them , they are so cute and red is my favorite color so  I put them out each Christmas.
Kids have one more day of vacation and I am getting back to sewing and cleaning out my craft room. Thought about taking before and after photos of the craft room but we will see.