Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer, and a new simple background

Summer has finally come here.... not much creating going on. The kids keep things busy around here, and we are trying to enjoy the the good weather when we can. I did finish some dolls and hope to have pictures soon. I did this background awhile back and finally am posting it to share with you all. That's about it for now, Oh my test came back and I will need to come back in 6 months ,so I am not going to worry about it at all. Thanks for all the extra's prayers you sent my way. Colleen

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just pictures to share....

A different kind of creating has been going on around, garden

These are flower seeds that Andrew wanted to plant. He checks on them everyday. I hope they keep growing and growing.. The garden, not much happening there yet , except for the My blackberries....I can't wait to have one!

I think the white blossoms are so pretty.

When I have not been working on that there is the day today stuff like laundry... Just one load today. But when I find a little time to sit, if the weather is nice this is my favorite place to sit and unwind....

Finally, I did get some sewing done the last couple of days.... And one last thing, I hate to ask for myself but if you could would you send a prayer or two my way. I went in for a yearly test yesterday and they called this morning to have me come back for some more testing. I am trying not to worry much about it, because worry does no good. I read this somewhere and this is what I am trying to do "Pray, Don't Worry". I think it is good advice. Hugs Colleen