Monday, January 31, 2011

New blog template ...

What happened to Monday? It went by so fast... the morning was filled with laundry , then off to my Mom's house, then off to my part time job that pays those extra bills that come up with Andrews dentist appointment today. He's appointment was at 3 which took 1 hour and then off to get Erika, get back home just in time to make some supper. Homework is done , baths are too. Now I can sit and wonder were did the day go? :) My son called today and my precious little granddaughter has pneumonia. We were down on the weekend and celebrated her 1st birthday ( it is on Thur the 3rd). I hope and pray she gets well fast. Grandma will be calling every day to check in on her. Finally here is the code below for the new template I did...... I hope you all had a wonderful Monday. I am going get the kids to bed, watch a little TV and the off to bed . Colleen

Friday, January 28, 2011

These are the days I am wishing for

This picture was taken last summer and I so ready for this kind of weather back. We are getting snow tonight and yes it is pretty but it is getting old!
I miss the green grass, my flowers. Each day I get a little more and more Spring fever. :) Colleen

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Trying to post all week

I have been trying to find the time to post all week. It is always busy but this week just is flying by and I have found it hard to find the time at the computer. Mostly the time has come at the end of the day and I am to tired to write. Well last weekend was so nice.....we went and spent the weekend with my oldest son.His birthday was on the 19th and so we went down on the weekend to celebrate. Don't you love the Green Bay Packer cake.That was a fun day...birthday cake and watching the game with all my kids. And we won!! That also means I could hang out with my one and only precious little granddaughter Rachel It is hard to believe that she will be 1 year next week. I get to go spend more time with her again this coming weekend because she is having her 1st birthday party. Then monday evening Erika had her honors choir concert and they did a wonderful job singing. I am always busy each week helping take care of my Mom,visting a dear old friend of ours who is like family, homework, crafting when I can ( which is not much lately) and trying to clean the house. Oh then there are those loads of laundry!! It just seemed more this week. :) I did do up the new template background last week or the week before(can't remember any more) and never posted it yet. I will try to add the code to it in the next couple of days. I hope you all are having a good week. Thanks for visiting Colleen

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I went shopping

I went shopping last weekend and then also on Monday and I found a few treasures .... Not many but I love what I found. The old coffee pot fits in with my white enamel one that I already have .... The glass candle holder, I placed it here next to my old milk bottle and milk carrier I only paid 50 cents which made the buy even better! I have had this old milk glass bottle for a few years now and I love it.... Phlox was a creamery in my area and I grew up with it. It also is a small small town that my mother grew up in, her parents, my family roots. The spoon will probably show up in one of my craft creations and the glass candle holder I am not sure yet what room I am putting it in. Still thinking about that. I have been cleaning out my craft space and going to start on a few closets , cabinets, it feels good to get some clutter out of the house. Not much else you can do on these cold Jan days!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

New items on Etsy

Been a busy week , like always but I did get a little crafting done. I really enjoyed working on this doll And then I just had this ideal for this pillow/tuck in my mind for a day or two and sewed it up yesterday. I called it my Black Silhouette Bunny pillow/tuck I listed both items on Etsy tonight so go Here to check them out! Colleen

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter frost.. and new listing on Etsy

When I opened my window shade this morning this is the frost that was on my window. Living in a older home and cold Wisconsin weather makes for frosty windows. I just thought it was a really neat design and wanted to share with you.
I listed some new items on Etsy this morning. Hearts... and Shamrocks... I started to work on a new template background last night and maybe by the end of the weekend I will post it to share with you all. That is my plan but you know how weekends have a way with plans changing. Hope your all having a great weekend and stay warm. Colleen

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mom is doing well...Thank you!

I just wanted to post that Mom is doing well. Her surgery went ok. Now it is rest and healing. It is good to have that much over with and we will be going to Dr's next week to move forward. Thank you all for the prayers! I have been cleaning out my craft space and I need to craft instead of clean so I pulled out the sewing machine and sewed for awhile.I started some hearts and hope to be able to list them tomorrow. It feels good to craft again. I will be back to cleaning tomorrow. Colleen

Monday, January 3, 2011

My week ahead..and My Mom

It is Monday and back to school for the kids, and back to work for me. I am cleaning up my craft room so I can start some new projects soon. It just might take awhile to get that room back together. I am thinking of taking before and after pictures to share with you all. Just have to warn you it is a mess! I want to ask all my friends and blogging friends if you could add my Mom into your prayers. She is having surgery tomorrow. It is for cancer. This is a picture from her birthday last May...she turned 83. Not sure where this road with my Mom with take me and my family but I know that God will be right along side walking with us. Take care everyone Colleen