Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gingerbread background...and more free graphics

Here are free banners to use with the gingerbread background . I added the blank one also so you can add your own text to it. Just right click them and save to your computer. Here is the text code you need for the gingerbread background..... And here are a few more free graphics to add to your blog...

I am still crafting away at snowmen and angels and hope to have pictures to share later this week. Colleen

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Christmas graphics...for your blog

I switched my blog background today ....over to the gingerbread background. I love gingerbread!I will post the text for it later today or tomorrow if any of you want to use it on your blog. I also did up some gingerbread button/tabs graphics for you to use free. I am posting them below. Just right click and save them to your computer. I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Till next time... Colleen

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A basket of dolls

Well, I finished those dolls that I mention back in this post. It's funny how when you work on them, you love the one your working on and then the next one and next one.

Some of the dolls have button eyes and the other's are painted on. I did some with winter dresses and other's everyday. Now they are ready to go to new homes. These are some snowmen that I finished up. The snowman face I am thinking about doing a wreath with it but not sure yet. There are gingerbread men in the works, more snowmen, some angels and more surprise's on the sewing table. I listed the santa ornies that I posted about here. You can find them on Etsy ,or Ebay. I am working on a giveaway also ,so watch for that coming up soon. Till next time


Friday, October 15, 2010

Apple pie...

Don't you just love the smell of fresh Apple pie baking in the oven? This morning after getting the kids off to school I baked an Apple pie to give to a friend of ours. It always makes the house smell so good... The apples I received from a friend who has lots and lots of apples. I baked a pie for us earlier in the week , made apple crisp, and froze some and then to use the last of them up I bake this pie to give to a friend. When the pie was baking I did some cleaning and then crafted on these naked dolls. As you can see I did not get to far on them. Then I had a hair appointment in the afternoon, and deliver some papers before 3 when the kids are done with school. Erika, was looking at all my fabric I have and wanted me to make a baby bib last night.When she got home from school she asked if I had then finished. LOL I had started but they were not finished. This is the finish bibs. I don't even remember buying that fabric but it is so cute. One bib is for a mystery baby that she wants to give to.I think it might be her teachers baby :). I will find out on Monday when she gives it. The other she wants to give to this precious girl...Rachel My first grandbaby, and Erika's first niece. How could I not find the time to sew up that request!! Take care.....till next time Colleen

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What's new and a few free graphics

Fall is moving by so fast. I have been busy crafting on Santa's , Snowmen , Angels and more. I also have been working on a few templates for Ebay, banners and a few free graphics for you all to use. This is a template I listed on Ebay today.... You can find it here I have a few others in the works and they are more vintage/primitive. I hope to finish them up later this week but it might be hard. We are having some beautiful weather here this week and I think I might be out enjoying it. Won't be long and it will get cold and snow!! I did up these free graphics for you to use. Just right click on them. This on e I am not sure if I like it but I will post it anyways. LOL Hope your all enjoying fall.... Till next time Colleen