Thursday, October 21, 2010

A basket of dolls

Well, I finished those dolls that I mention back in this post. It's funny how when you work on them, you love the one your working on and then the next one and next one.

Some of the dolls have button eyes and the other's are painted on. I did some with winter dresses and other's everyday. Now they are ready to go to new homes. These are some snowmen that I finished up. The snowman face I am thinking about doing a wreath with it but not sure yet. There are gingerbread men in the works, more snowmen, some angels and more surprise's on the sewing table. I listed the santa ornies that I posted about here. You can find them on Etsy ,or Ebay. I am working on a giveaway also ,so watch for that coming up soon. Till next time


1 comment:

Ahl Cooped Up said...

You've bee busy!
I have that snowman pattern, but haven't tried it yet. Your's turned out nice!