Friday, October 15, 2010

Apple pie...

Don't you just love the smell of fresh Apple pie baking in the oven? This morning after getting the kids off to school I baked an Apple pie to give to a friend of ours. It always makes the house smell so good... The apples I received from a friend who has lots and lots of apples. I baked a pie for us earlier in the week , made apple crisp, and froze some and then to use the last of them up I bake this pie to give to a friend. When the pie was baking I did some cleaning and then crafted on these naked dolls. As you can see I did not get to far on them. Then I had a hair appointment in the afternoon, and deliver some papers before 3 when the kids are done with school. Erika, was looking at all my fabric I have and wanted me to make a baby bib last night.When she got home from school she asked if I had then finished. LOL I had started but they were not finished. This is the finish bibs. I don't even remember buying that fabric but it is so cute. One bib is for a mystery baby that she wants to give to.I think it might be her teachers baby :). I will find out on Monday when she gives it. The other she wants to give to this precious girl...Rachel My first grandbaby, and Erika's first niece. How could I not find the time to sew up that request!! Take care.....till next time Colleen


kim said...

Hi! I love your Santas. I would sew too but my machine is unfixable. They fixed it once and told me it is nothing else they could do so buy a new one. Well that takes a good bit of moolah and we are on a budget.Everything my husband makes goes on bills,vehicle insurance for three vehicles and gas and groceries. So I craft and work at the school subbing for teachers and hopefully will save up enough to get me a machine one day!

colleens craft shed said...

Kim, I know all about budgeting. I hope you are able to get the sewing machine soon.

Trish-Ladybug said...

Sure do hear what your saying the
same with us and we live on SS# extreme tight budget,Keeping you in
prayer for that new Sewing Machine
Mine is over 40yrs old and still
working,Grandson is sooo sweet !!