Saturday, June 26, 2010

Listing Craft patterns

I will be listing craft patterns for sale on Ebay. I am cleaning out some that I purchased and never got around to making. Like this cute gingerbread doll....

You can find it here I have had a lot of medical bills coming in these days for myself and my sale of templates have almost died and I really need to find some extra income. So I will list some patterns , get myself busy making dolls and ornies again and hopefully I will make some sales that way. I am going to have a template sale soon also. I really don't charge that much for my templates anyways but I really really need income. So I have to start getting creative and hope things get better soon.I think about a part time job sometimes but with the kids and my husbands long hours, I would have to work late nights and in my small town there are not that many around. I am struggling with it all and praying to God for some guidance and help. Colleen

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