Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Stuff

I have a few new items listed over on Ebay. I did these witches hats and they are so much fun that I have some more in the works. The one's I am working on are each going to be alittle differnet from these so check back for new photos soon. I also did up this candlemat.. Candlemats are one of my favorite things to make. Around my home I place them candles, mason jars filled with goodies, around my other primitve things. There are lots of ways to decorate with them. I have also did up a new template, using Swheetpotato graphics. I just love her graphics!! I also love working on templates ,banners and more but until my next eye surgery it will be slow going. :) I call this one Swheet Raggedy Pumpkin... I slso worked up this Primitve witch template. Now I am stuffing some raggedy dolls today. Easy on the eyes! :) Till next time. Colleen

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Lynn S. said...

Hi Colleen, love your blog!