Friday, September 14, 2012

Dolls, dolls and dolls

I have been enjoying these teacup dolls that I make. So much so that I keep making them!!


Still a couple more to finish.  Then some bigger dolls that I started  and  waiting to get finished.
Life is still busy, even with the kids back in school, days are quieter around home but I still am running to other jobs and running for kids.   Next week after wed. things will go back to whatever normal was before I took on a part time fill in job.  I will work Mon, Tue, and Wed. and then go from there.  It is a job working on a computer, which I love to learn and work on the computer but it has made my sewing move along slower then I like. It also has not given much time to spend on my house and I really need to clean, de-clutter.  I hope soon.


Country Whispers said...

I love your dolls. They are perfect for the upcoming fall season.

Rhodes Creations said...

My fav is the gingerbread teacup annie. What a wonderful idea! Laura