Friday, November 4, 2011

Been working on some more free backgrounds but....

I have had a very busy week that has kept me away from home most of the time but when I am home I find myself working on some more free backgrounds for christmas but, So far noting I am doing I like So I have a mess of graphics, backgrounds in a file that I need to clean out.
So here are some links to stuff I did last year.
Background and buttons
Buttons here

That is just a couple of the buttons you will find on the links.
Hopefully tomorrow I will unwind at the computer and get a Christmas background I like. :) Or maybe I should get some sewing done. :)
Don't forget about my giveaway I have going right now too!
Have a great weekend and I know I will because I will get to hang out with my Granddaughter Rachel. I have not seen her in over a month and this Grandma misses those sweet kisses.

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maddyrose said...

Well no wonder you miss those sweet kisses. She's a sweetie. It's been busy here at the NP getting things ready for Christmas.