Saturday, May 21, 2011

I have been missing lately from the computer. I have tried to keep up with all my favorite blogs but not much time for blogging. So if you wondering what I have been up to, well I have been spring cleaning the whole house and then I decided to have a garage sale. Garage sales are so much work!! But I love all the people that come. I have not been creating much but I have been wanting to post my winning from Prims and Annies I just love her! She is so cute. I love her ladybug dress. Go check out Prims and Annies! I am back to crafting again so hope to have something to share soon. Colleen


Victoria said...

did you know you won Crafty Stitchers giveaway, too? Lucky you!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Hey Colleen,
Don't feel bad I haven't been able to get on blogger much either ~ just so much going on right now.
still trying to catch up with everyone when I can.
Congrats on your win ~ she's adorable.
Enjoy your weekend!
Prim Blessings

dee begg said...


She is a cutie. You have been a lucky gal recently. Raggedies must be your lucky charm.


Rhodes Creations said...

I've been busy too! Congrats on the wins! Blessings..Laura

Rhodes Creations said...

Colleen, Thanks for stopping by Laura's Little House and joining...Blessings on your night...Sweet Dreams...ldr