Thursday, September 2, 2010

Quiet in the house....

My kids went back to school yesterday and my house is so quiet! I miss there voice's ,the sound of them playing. Oh don't get me wrong I do enjoy the peace of the house but I do miss my kids. I am working on a new free template so hope to have that posted soon. And I am working on templates for christmas, some halloween items yet and some more free graphics to use on blogs. After the holiday weekend, I need to get working. LOL I have some pictures that I had taken the last couple of weeks and today I played with this one today.... I had snap the shot of the sunset on our way home from visiting with my older children. It was such a pretty sunset. Then I added one of my favorite writings... Your welcome to right click it and use it on your blog if you want too. Take care and God Bless Colleen

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Ahl Cooped Up said...

I remember those quiet days, when the kids went back to school. I was a bit off for a few days, but fell right into the flow of homework, dinner, snacks,
baths, packing lunches, and stuff to sign.
Your sunset and verse are beautiful! You are very talented.