Monday, October 5, 2009

Thinking about Erika

I try to keep my post about my crafts or templates that I am working on but everynow and then I post alittle about my family. I have had something on my mind since last night when tucking my 9 year old Erika in bed. You know how sometimes those are the few minutes that they share something with you ... good things, things that bother them. Well last night Erika and I were reading a book in her bed and hanging on the wall is her purple backpack that has winnie the pooh on it. Cute right? She has not used it yet this school year, still using her pink one. But she planned on using it one of these days. Erika says to me " Guess I won't be using that backpack Mom" and I could tell she was alittle upset. I asked her why and she says well on Friday she wore this pin.... And she got teased about it. That pooh is for little kids. Teased that she still watches pooh or likes pooh I guess. I said hey, I still like Pooh, I even own a few pooh tees(wear them) and I still have my pooh from 20 plus years ago in my bedroom. I even still like to watch some pooh movies. Lots of people of all ages like pooh. I asked her who teased her and she named a boy's name. I told her well boys like to tease girls. I was not sure what else to say. So later in the night I was not sleeping well , I laid there thinking about it. Why do kids tease? I know it is nothing new. I just don't know why. My Erika has a big heart and when stuff like that happens it bothers her. Then it bothers me! So I am not sure if the halloween pooh pin will be on her coat again, or if the backpack will be used. I sure hope so because she is 9 and her life should be full of fun right now. Untill next time... Colleen

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theantiquepallet said...

I love pooh too! Kids can be so mean sometimes....I don't understand it either. Tell her to keep her chin up and ignore that silly boy! It won't be no time and he will be wanting to date her!