Thursday, May 28, 2009


I went junkin last week with my daughter and found these cute items.... She can home for the day and we really had a good time. We went junkin, clothes shopping, and had lunch together. I enjoyed the day with her. This cake holder is my favorite find... I love the pink color! There was only one of these but I love the stencil design. I think I will use it on my old trunk with some candles. Maybe I will use it in one of my crafts too. Not sure yet. If you have any ideals please leave me a comment. I love to hear from you. And the last item is this table cloth... It is a smaller table cloth ,it will fit on my card table perfect, or even angle it on my dinning room table. When I place one on the table it just makes the room look so nice. I love to pick up ones like this one the is hand stitched. Do you like table cloths as much as I do? I have even start picking up aprons. Now that is a whole new post!! Till next time.... Colleen

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OldeAnnie said...

What great finds, Colleen. I LOVE that can tin! And how nice to spend the day with your daughter. I know how special that is! ~~Annie