Friday, October 10, 2008

Items I am working on

Hi everyone. It is Friday and I thought I would have one of these items done by now. So I could list one on the weekend on Ebay but it has been a busy week. I do not know what happened to today. I had a hour maybe from 8am to 9am to work on these sad looking dolls. One needs hair the other has a mop going on and neither is wearing any clothes. I do have a thanksgiving dress for the blonde doll and the other is going to be wearing a christmas dress. They just look so funny sitting on my table right now.. This is a cute stitchery I did up for Christmas. I am just not sure if I am done with it yet. I was going to make a wire hanger for it but not sure......... can't make up my mind. I did get to go to lunch with a special guy today... Andrew This is my baby, he is five years old and they had a special lunch at his school today. We had a nice time. After our lunch together we both went and visited my Mom. Thats one of Andrew favorite places to go. Maybe I will get a chance to work on those sad looking dolls tomorrow......maybe.

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