Monday, September 8, 2008

Fall is in the Air!! It has cooled down here and the kids are back at school so it really feels like fall. I like the colors of fall, oranges, reds, browns, just as long as the snow stays away for along time!! I have been working on new fall items, templates and alittle of christmas. These are one of my favorites and planning to make more........ I love this Pumpkin Doll....... Candle mats are so much fun, when I stitch I feel so relaxed. I am enjoying making these....... These I did up , they will be a winning prize in my PLOA group on Ebay, they are a great group of ladies...... My templates have been fun so far...... This one it called White Christmas Annies and Gingerbread Best Wishes and Happy Christmas Snowkids in Window/Blessings Thats just some of my templates, and working on some more vintage Santas, and kids. Be back soon!!

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